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Blue Vervain
(Verbena officinalis)
verbain, American vervain, false vervain, Indian hyssop

Description: A bristly perennial, with quadrangular stems reaching 2-5 feet tall. Deeply cut lower leaves, smooth upper leaves oblong-lanceolate, gradually acuminate, serrate. Dense spikes of small, pale lilac-pink flowers, arranged in a panicle. Fruit is 4 nutlets. Found in the Eastern and central U.S., in fields and thickets.

Medicinal: It is a diaphoretic, emetic, expectorant, nervine, tonic, vermifuge, and vulnerary. A warm tea of leaves or flowering heads, taken often, for a natural tranquilizer, nervous headaches, depression, colds, coughs, fevers, congestion in the throat and chest, insomnia, stomach, urinary problems, jaundice, menstrual cramps, bowel complaints, dysentery. A cold tea acts as a tonic. Used externally for weak, sore or inflamed eyes, sore mouth, gums, throat ulcers and other external sores. Will often expel worms when everything else fails. Take freely until worms pass. Helps with obstructions in the bowels, colon and bladder, stomach troubles, short breath, wheezing, appendictis. It is much better than quinine for the purposes for which quinine is used. For fevers or epilepsy fits, take a cup of the hot tea every hour. The Root is considered more active than the leaves. A decoction of the leaf is used for a hair tonic and eyewash. Tests also show it has heart strengthening and anti-tumor helps.

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